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By on October 5, 2015

Titiyo is back to release a new album, her first entirely in Swedish. October 16 released 13 Gården“.

The album, named after the yard Titiyo grew up in Solna, allows insight into an upcoming career, mom’s life, nights out in Stockholm, teens in Solna, and then take us back to today’s date. With political and structural, as well as emotional and individual reflections on the contemporary world we swish through a life on the outside that describes from the inside.

Titiyo succeed with it next to impossible to swim in a sound and song that exudes contemporary but at the same time sing about the days of a life that mainly consists of then.
A loyal and highly sought crowd has been involved in producing the album. To assist Titiyo had artists, producers and songwriters: Jonathan Jackson, David Lindvall, Dante Kinnunnen and Martin Zacharias. Cooperation has been close and important for the whole gang that gradually worked out the disc together. More partners that can be spotted include: Linnea Henriksson, Moto Boy, Ludwig Bell, Martin Renk, Vaz and Adjan XX.

On the new album “13 Gårdenis Titiyo Yambalu Felicia Jähi on the road and it becomes clear that this, one of the most worshiped queens will have many mil left to travel with us, both musically and privately.

About the disc Titiyo says this:

“I’m really proud of this … This is a disc with factual texts that have something to tell you. Musically, the finely balanced between 80/90 speeches and even though it is a pop album, one can glimpse the trip jumps in the background, which feels close to me

Titiyo makes her first live performance after the album release, November 4 at Grolsch Studios, slaughter house in Stockholm.

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