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By on September 4, 2016

Follow the journey of the cocoa bean from tropical forest to the finished chocolate on Baking and Chocolate Festival. Almost everyone has some kind of relationship with chocolate. More how is it really done and how is the process like? The answer is found in the Baking and Chocolate Festival, held at the Stockholm International Fair October 6 to 9 in Gustaf Mabrouks exhibition “From bean to bar” where visitors up close can use all their senses to understand how it works.

On Baking and Chocolate Festival will Gustaf Mabrouk show how it really goes to the creation of chocolate. Gustav is the pastry chef basically with international competition experience and passion for the craft around chocolate. “From Bean to Bar” will give a clear overview where everything starts with the cacao bean that grows all over the world. During the various stages there will be the opportunity to taste and closely see how everything works.

Visitors will be able to use all their senses during the journey. I think people are becoming more and more aware of what they eat and take back much to the basics. The chocolate we eat today is a relatively new concept that has existed for about 150 years. Before it tasted absolutely not as it does now, says Gustaf Mabrouk.

There are five steps that will be shown:

1: Cocoa bean as crops.
2: Roasting – now begins the glorious scent coming.
3: Sugar and cocoa butter are mixed in and then grind everything in a conch / mellanguer.
4: The chocolate is cast and gets the form that desired.
Visitors can now both taste and buy the freshly made chocolate.

In “From bean to bar” I want visitors to get the chance to see, feel and understand the entire process. There is a craft of making chocolate, says Gustaf.

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