Local | Film Festival with the female perspective

By on August 22, 2016

Feminist Film Festival FemFilmFest is back for a second year. During a long weekend appears movies with women’s stories and women narrators in focus. In films from very different parts of the world, we follow the exciting stories that are different from Hollywood’s beaten track.

Festival FemFilmFest seems to increase gender equality in the film industry and the supply by showing films created by women or depicting women’s stories and experiences. Movies with a different perspective than the usual stereotypes.

We want to show more female perspective, films that do not have women only in supporting roles or where they become objectified. We need more diversity on the big screen, stories where people regardless of age, gender or race may take place “says Anna Velander Gisslén, communications manager at FemFilmFest.

FemFilmFest inaugurated the Nordic premiere of Anna Rose Holmer’s feature debut ‘The Fits‘, a captivating portrayal of a young girl’s struggle to fit in two different worlds, dominated by boys and girls. The festival presents more premieres, including the very strong documentary ‘Girl Rising’ where we get nine stories about as many girls and women. We follow their journey from arranged marriages and child slavery to a better life with power over their own destinies.

Full program available at www.femfilmfest.se. Tickets can be purchased at the Zita Folkets Bio’s website and at the cinema.

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