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By on April 20, 2016

India Unlimited together with the Embassy of India are kicking off the third Indian film festival, Cinema Indien, running from the 21st to the 24th of April.

This festival will be held in the very center of Stockholm at SF Biografen Sture.  This is in cooperation with SF BIO, Svenska Filminstitutet, supported by the Indian National Film Development Corporation.

The film program spans across numerous genres, languages and themes ranging from current blockbusters to regional Indian movies. This is due to Cinema Indien aiming to show case the vast variety of movies created in India, and give the audience a taste of both Bollywood but also what is created beyond. The selection has been made on the movies’ relation to the contemporary topics Gender and Diversity.

A gala dinner will further be hosted by the president of Elite Hotels, Bicky Chakraborty, to celebrate the actors and directors flown in to guest the festival not to mention the local stars participating.


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