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By on November 2, 2015

The spring edition of the Young Designers Formex platform for new talent consists of 21 selected candidates in various categories. Here are several experimental and innovative products – including handicraft in iron nets, design with emotional function and designed sustainable soap.

Johanna Forsberg is bending iron net to exclusive artwork. By hand she creates among other things torsos, candlesticks, lamps and birds. Each work is unique. Her first sculpture she made during high school in 2001 and shortly thereafter she focused fully as an artist and entrepreneur. Since then she has worked full time with their passion.

I have my roots in Västerbotten and there is also my studio. The inspiration for my work I find in the meeting with people and the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. My fascination lies in the contrast between being strong and fragile, side by side. I think the net in a particular way captures that.

Le Soap was founded in 2015 by Karl Fredrik Mattsson, Bjorn Carlberg and Peter Eriksson each with a background in advertising. Karl Fredrik Mattsson is also well-known for his art projects, including the false horkarlsmynten” and Björn Carlberg is among other things the man behind the current mupp-tv-serie Kjell at TV4 in which he plays all the characters. Peter Eriksson is behind many commercial successes through the years. Together they make productdebut with the soap Le Soap.

First, we wanted to make razors that were more feminine because we felt that the current supply was so masculine, says Björn Carlberg. It felt like you were shaving yourself with a German diplomatcar every time you stood in front of the mirror. But after a while we realized that we were more interested in everyday consumables. Soap is a consumable item, but it has also become a status marker because the home decorating trend is as deeply rooted in the bathroom as the living room today. Therefore, we wanted to create a neat soap that is organic for real, not just for fun, and that also provides added value. Our soaps do it because every sold soap generates money to BRIS. Le Soap is certified by Ekogarantie and approved by The Vegan Society.

Stoft is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Malmö in 2013 by Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt and Joel Herslow. The goal of the design is to add an emotional function to the products, in addition to the functional and economic focus which otherwise often control design processes today. They therefore have an experimental approach to the development of new products and are often based on traditional manufacturing methods which they combine with new ideas. Stoft always strives for a close collaboration with producers and craft practitioners and wants to promote small-scale and local production.

We exhibit at Formex for the first time and think it will be exciting in this way to reach out to a new audience with our products that we have developed and small-scale produces along with some Swedish manufacturers. We hope that the exhibition will lead to good contacts and stimulating meeting and we hope that the Young Designers can be a springboard for us to reach out with our design.

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