Local | Exhibition at Ulfsunda Castle with art from Vlasta Mikic Volcano

By on May 12, 2016

Vlasta Mikic Volcano exhibits at Ulfsunda Castle. The exhibition will be on until August and will be inaugurated with an open vernissage on May 21 on the castle.

Vlasta Mikic Volcano is one of the protagonists of the Belgrade trans-avant-garde in the 1980s and a pioneer in digital art at the New York art scene. He was one of the actors in the art group “The furious” whose painting has been characterized as the New Wave art or “new image“.
As the founder and first president of the art club Academia at the Academy in Belgrade Volcano gave birth to a new art scene in the capital in the early 1980s.

For those who are curious about Vlasta Mikic Volcano art are welcome on May 21 to Ulfsunda Castle where it is offered bubble and canapés between the hours of 14-16.

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