Local | Erik Lundin, Silvana Imam and Petter visits Ametist Azordegan at the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on September 8, 2016

The lyrics are in focus when the journalist and hip hop expert Ametist Azordegan interviewing three rappers before an audience in the Marble Foyer. The talks are interspersed with that the artists are performing with a live band. The first opportunity will be on 3 October.

Hip Hop Lyrics by Ametist is a talk show with music journalist Ametist Azordegan that meet some of the Swedish hip-hop’s foremost lyricistsErik Lundin, Silvana Imam and Petter for a conversation about hip-hop lyrics. It is a subject Ametist Azordegan specializes in, among other things, the radio program “En kärleksattack på svensk hiphop” which aired on Swedish Radio, as well as the history book about the music genre she writes on right now.

Hip hop is the genre that is most frequently documents and problematises its contemporaries in the lyrics. It is a genre that has historically always had a focus on copywriting and language. That combined with the genre’s high degree of authenticity and personal storytelling allows one to do all the interviews based on a single line of text, says Ametist Azordegan.

Erik Lundin, formerly known as Eboi, got a major breakthrough when he changed the language from English to Swedish and released the EP “Suedi” in his own name last fall. Both the title track andAnnie Lööf” became big hits and Lundin awarded two Grammy awards at the Grammy Awards 2016 in the categories the Years lyricist and the Years hip-hop / soul, and he also won the year’s hip-hop / soul on 2016 P3 Guld.

Silvana Imam is one of the later years most acclaimed Swedish artist who combines a queer feminist and anti-racist message with artistically innovative beats and a deep personal appeal. She has also become a link between the Swedish hip hop scene and the fashion world, since her single “I • M • A • M” premiere was played at Ida Klamborns show at Stockholm Fashion Week 2014. She was awarded the Artist of the Year at the 2016 Grammy Gala. Last spring, she released her debut album Naturkraft” which got espousal reviews.

Petter is a veteran in Swedish hip hop and was the one who, with his debut album “Mitt sjätte sinne” in 1998, led the Swedish hip hop scene into a new phase where the genre began to mature and gained a solid place in the contemporary Swedish popular music. He showed that hip hop in Swedish can be both commercially viable and uncompromising hard. Since then he has released a lot of records, given out the award-winning book “16 rader“, starred in the TV show “Så mycket bättreand performed at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

The selected rappers are interviewed before an audience in the Marble Foyer where they talk about the stories behind a few of their lyrics. The interviews are interspersed with the artists performing live accompaniment by the band The Royal Nelson Orchestra.

Tickets are available in Dramatic ticket office and on dramaten.se/Repertoar/hiphoptexter-med-ametist/

On October 3 (Erik Lundin), November 7 (Silvana Imam) and 5 December (Petter) at 19, the Marble Foyer

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