Local | Du sköna nya människa – new book from the Technical Museum

By on December 12, 2015

Where does a body begin and where does it end? The question may seem simple. But advances in medicine, biotechnology, computer science, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence in recent years has created enormous opportunities to replace lost limbs or impaired functions. And as technology moves into our bodies, what happens to us then?

On December 17, releases the Technical Museum the book “Du sköna nya människa about smart prostheses, cultured organs and loving robots”. It is about intelligent hand prostheses that are controlled by the thought. About hearing aid linked directly to the nervous system. About the possibility of growing organs and body parts in laboratories. But it is also a book about why we strive to strengthen our bodies, what is an able body and about the ethical issues of research and technology development raises.

How does the way we look at ourselves change with technology in and outside of the body? Where is the boundary between humans and machines, between the body and technology?

The book is richly illustrated with images from both the research labs of the Technical Museum’s collections and Hagströmer Library.

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