Local | Doug Seegers and Anna Bergendahl to charity gala #WEAREONE at Friends Arena

By on November 22, 2015

Now presents World Aid Active more artists to # WEAREONE gala. Direct from Nashville, the man who knows what a helping hand can mean, he was homeless and are now living on his music.

-We are proud to introduce Doug Seegers to the gala. He knows what alienation is all about and we are so grateful to have him at the gala that concern this very subject. Anna Bergendahl also connects, just returned from the US tour, which has strong links to relief work, says Annamia Fast, Event Manager, World Aid Active.

Doug Seegers became known to the Swedish people when he starred in the TV program Jill’s porch March 5, 2014. At the time was Doug Seegers homeless and sat on a park bench in Nashville when the production team ran into him. Doug performed his song “Going Down to the River,” which Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson liked so much that they wanted to record the song in Johnny Cash‘s old studio and build the final section of Jill’s porch around his song and story.

-I am happy to be part of # WEAREONE gala. I think it is important to be in the context that is for a good cause, and that is not about to earn big money. I myself have been homeless and knows how it is to be exposed. Therefore, I want to be involved and make a difference in the way I can, says Doug Seegers.

# WEAREONE Gala Dec. 7 at the Friends Arena is the first gala of its kind where eight organizations with shared values join forces to reduce exclusion and social vulnerability. Together, the organizations want to encourage, inspire and show that it is possible to make a difference. Profiles that are already ready for the gala is Yohio, Jason “TimbuktuDiakité, Mohombi, Kosai Khouli, Amr Yousef, Jens Hult, Magnus Rosén from Hammerfall and young girl group High15. More artists will be added regularly.

During the gala is also put forward # WEAREONEgalas official song, “Heaven is on earth” written by Alice Lööf and at Meet & Greet is held lectures, storytelling and panel discussions with, among others, Anna Rosling Rönndal, Filip Cederholm, Mikael Flodell.

Until year-end, is the goal to collect eight million, money that will be used in projects initiated by the eight participating aid organizations Africa Groups, CharityFit, Human Bridge, The Hunger Project, Inter Peace, Order of the Teaspoon, Safe Kids and intiativtagaren World Aid Active with shallower multi entrepreneur Michel Issa . In addition to artistic performances, visitors can look forward to speakers, film showings and auctions for the benefit of the collection.

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