Local | Dolce at Popaganda at Parkteatern

By on July 7, 2016
Two great singles, a couple of lines of Noisey and a cool gig arranged by Vice was all it took to Umeå duo Dolce would sail up wind and destroy everything in a matter of nanoseconds. With VU-like repetitive pulses, smoke ruthenium creaky vocals and guitars as the soundtrack to a sun scorching morning in Laurel Canyon, we get Dolce right close. A bit like Beach House and Swedish jazz legend Monica Zetterlund met up in Twin Peaks to create music together.
With the two great singles “Hand in Hand” and “Inez Palema” Dolce received a cruel impact. At alternately Swedish and sometimes English, Anna Levander and Leopold Nilsson gave us exactly what we need in 2015 – and with the debut EP Green Heights looking for general admiration, it seems to just continue in the same obvious direction.
“Inez Palema is a beautiful sun-glittering track, taking a tone of Beach House, Velvet Underground, sprinkled on top with a voice that brings your thoughts to Monica Zetterlund. It makes you daydream.” – NOISEY

”The harmonious vocals just captivate you, be sure to give them a ‘like’, this track can easily blow them up!”

Sat July 16, 2016 Popaganda at the Parkteatern Stockholm
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