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By on April 25, 2016

DesignTorget initiates collaboration with Beckmans College of Design in the course product design and small scale production. During the eleven weeks, students develop an idea into a finished product that ends with the opening of the DesignTorgets store in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. As one of Sweden’s top players and retailers for small-scale producers are DesignTorget a marketplace for designers and craftsmen appear on. The goal of the project is at an early stage to give the young designers an opportunity to exercise industry-related production, the exchange of knowledge and provide a platform to be seen.

As a professional designer today, you need to be more than design. Whether working as an individual designer with own production or for a client is a deeper understanding of how producing company operates a prerequisite for being able to work professionally. Cooperation with DesignTorget is a concrete example of this and gives a greater opportunity for students in the future to support themselves in their profession and above all its own production, says Margot Barolo, course manager, Beckmans College of Design.

The collaboration with Beckmans College of Design began in the spring of 2015, then in a textile project with Beckmans form class. The project generated long-term relationships and a final product that was brought in for sale in the store. This year’s project is a further development of the DesignTorget to strengthen the brand’s position as the hub for the new Swedish form and design, as well as a continuation of a fruitful collaboration.

As in previous years DesignTorget goes in with the expectation that this year’s project will lead to more long-term collaborations with the young designers, also outside the Beckmans College of Design after completing the exam, says Pål Kårfalk, CEO, DesignTorget.

Vernissage 12 May 17.00

DesignTorget, Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg, Stockholm.
After the opening are the products available for sale for a limited period at the DesignTorget flagship store, Kulturhuset, Sergels torg.

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