Local | Crystal Fighters and Frankie Cosmos to Popaganda August 26 to 27

By on June 7, 2016

May 19, it became clear that the Spanish-British Crystal Fighters and anti-folk star Frankie Cosmos are the next artists to join this year’s festival program. We revealed the artists at a table tennis racket on the Trädgården and on a t-shirt at the restaurant Taverna Brillo. Two random people had to take part of the news and help us to spread it further.

Spanish-British Crystal Fighters combines traditional Basque culture with modern dance music. They move blithely between Spanish folk, folktronica, Ibizahouse and extremely strong indie pop choruses.

Anyone who has seen Crystal Fighters know that they are the ultimate festival band. Sunshine pop of the highest energy level with a hefty bundle of singalong hits do well for themselves on any festival scene anytime. Not least at the Eriksdalsbadet a weekend in August.

When the band lands in Stockholm in August, we can expect to hear samples from a new album to be released in September. We look forward to even more combinations of Spanish guitars and sunshine rave.

As big fans of The Moldy Peaches (Adam Green played on our second festival in 2003), we have for many years been devoted to the so-called anti-folk scene. It feels really great to finally be able to offer more of that in the form of one of the year‘s most interesting artists.

Since 2009, Greta Kline, who is Frankie Cosmos real name, released over forty homegrown albums under different artist names on her Bandcamp page. On them interspersed low-key living reflections of short fragmentary pieces of music, and you can follow her development as an artist almost month by month.

The official Zentropy debut album was released in 2014 and the super acclaimed sequel Next Thing appeared last month. There, she manages even to approach Twee Pop and strikes so many positive strings with us that we ourselves see Frankie Cosmos as one of the festival‘s highlights.

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