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By on September 15, 2016

Stefan Larssons set of Medea was hailed and sold out at the Betty Nansen Teatret in Copenhagen during winter and spring. Starting this autumn Medea is played, which is a collaboration between the theaters, at Royal Dramatic Theatre. Premiere at Målarsalen on 7 October.

In the classic masterpiece Medea, which was written by Euripides for over 2400 years ago, is no grace, no salvation and no forgiveness. There is only one way to go when love ends.

Human nature is constant. There is actually not so much with us humans, we believe we will be more peaceful, but we are still as violent and ourselves immediately, as we always have been. Therefore shouts Euripides’ story from history right into our present day, says director Stefan Larsson.

Medea, played by Livia Millhagen, a woman who sacrificed everything for her husband Jason. They flee together into a foreign land, but once there, Jason abandons her for another. “But what is the meaning of love if it does not last forever?“, asks Medea.

Can revenge heal a broken heart? And you can kill their own children and still continue to be human? In Stefan Larssons set becomes the legendary drama Medea a sharp depiction of a cruel divorce.

Press Voices about Medea
Medea is played by Swedish Livia Millhagen, and she does it so devastatingly good that I’m actually a little indifferent to what is going on when she is not on stage – even though the rest of the ensemble is glimmering. (Weekendavisen)

  • Livia Millhagen are staggering intense as Medea, streaked with tears, sniffling of hateful snot she is pouring out her pain, (Jyllands-Posten)
  • The show is short, only an hour and a half, but I dare say even now that it lasts long. Quality theater with depth effect. (Sydsvenskan)
  • Livia Millhagen as Medea is eminent. Modern, fragile and uncontrolled. (Kulturkupeen)
  • The fascinating Livia Millhagens lifting this Medea to dramatic heights (Berlingske)

Stefan Larsson is one of Dramatic most contracted directors and was Elverkets artistic director from 2002 to 2009. Since 1998, he has directed more than 30 plays in the theater, in recent years, among them Fanny and Alexander, Richard III, Rosmersholm and the Marquis de Sade. He also directed Daniel Börtz newly written opera version of Medea, which premiered at the Royal Opera in January this year.

Medea: Livia Millhagen
Jason: Kenneth M. Christensen
Kreon / Aegeus / messenger: Thomas Bang
Choir: Tanja Lorentzon
Choir: Irene Lindh

Translation: Jan Stolpe and Agneta Pleijel
Director and processing: Stefan Larsson
Set Design: Stefan Larsson and Jenny André
Costumes: Ann Bonander Looft
Sound Design: Jenny André
Music: Thomas Bang

In collaboration with Betty Nansen Teatret

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