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By on May 20, 2016

Creditors” is a triangle drama about Tekla, her ex-husband, Gustav and her current husband, Adolf. The drama takes place in a seaside resort. The conflict in the drama had its origin in Tekla wounded her former husband by in her novel called him an idiot. Gustav seek, without revealing who he is, Adolf at the hotel to spy on their marriage in order to crush Tekla. He evokes Adolf to see Tekla as “a lascivious female animals, a vampire that sucks the men’s souls.” Adolf, who are already unhealthy, sees his life tumbling down.

Director: Görel Crona.

Participating Görel Crona, Johan Fagerudd and Johan Hedenberg

Lighting Design / Set Design: Ann-Marie Fritiofsson

Costume / Set Design Ulrika van Gelder

Mask: Siv Molin Glans

Press / Marketing: Katharina Lind

Theater: Ture Rangström.

Production: Strindberg’s Intima Theatre

Creditorsdesignated by Strindberg as a “naturalistic tragedy, better still than Miss Julie, with three people, a table and two chairs, and no sunrise!”. The manuscript was completed in September 1888. He immediately set about translating his play into French (Créanciers“) for the international launch. An erotic love triangle based on the contemporary research on the suggestion, epilepsy and sexuality were viable stuff on experimental theaters not only in Paris, Berlin and Munich. The Nordic premiere took place at Dagmar Teatret in Copenhagen when Strindberg Try Theatre arrived there in 1889. Augustsson Falck took up the “Creditors” just before the Intima theater’s closure in 1910. Creditors were both on stage and in the auditorium at the time. Now it’s time again!


Ture Rangström

Theater manager

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