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By on August 25, 2016
Now investing Adult Education courses at a slow pace. The courses are aimed at people who need more time.

Adult School in Stockholm offers 100’s open courses in diverse subjects such as crafts, language and accounting. All are welcome, but there are people who for various reasons do not dare to sign up.

We also want to reach the people who need more time, who may have special needs or just think that it is particularly difficult to learn something new, says Annika Estassy Lovén, director of the Adult Education Association Stockholm.

This can involve cognitive impairment, problems with concentration or learning. But there may also be people who simply need a little more time.

For this group is launching Adult Education courses at a slow pace.

Initially, we offer some popular subjects. If the demand grows the supply will increase in the future, says Annika Estassy Lovén.

The subjects offered in the fall at a slow pace is English, guitar and iPad.

Adult Education Association Stockholm offering over 300 public courses in the fall.


We also have courses that caters to people with disabilities.

The concept of “slow pace” is new for the fall semester in 2016.

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