Local | Contemporary art and contemporary silver at the Antiques Fair

By on February 13, 2016

Antiques Fair is not only the largest trade fair for antiques, but also offers a lot of art and art objects from our own time. Contemporary Swedish Silver is a group of established silver and goldsmiths working wide and cross-border quality in focus. The exhibition Past. The Present. Future Shown innovative silver in many forms.

And then what will be in the exhibition?
– Listings – corpus and jewelry that challenges the mind and imagination of silver in the context that is the antiques fair, exciting materials and combinations of materials, unique items with classic eye candy that triggers a strong possessiveness. All this and more to that shown in the to say the least rusty presentation and exhibition, says Elisabeth Alsheimer Evenstedt, president of the Contemporary Swedish Silver

Torbjörn Calvero is a famous rock photographer. In the Department Contemporary art will Galleri Jan Wallmark show a number of his cool pictures on the legend David Bowie. Since a few years back has Antiques Fair a department with established quality galleries for contemporary art. The visitor also offered two guided tours every day of the art at the fair, both the older and newer, and numerous lectures on the topic.

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