Local | Classic Petterssonbåt preserved through new partnership

By on August 26, 2016

In 70 years, Carl-Erik Arcini in Nyköping used and cared for it over 100 years old boat Plurr. Now he gives it to the Maritime Museum which will continue to keep it floating through a partnership with the Heleneborgs boat club (HBK) on Långholmen.

Plurr constructed by CG Pettersson and was built on Reversatorvarvet on Ramsö 1905. After serving in the Navy during World War II, she was bought by Carl-Erik Arcini and his fatherand has since then been used by the family.
– During my 26 years at the Maritime I have not encountered anything like it. An early Pettersson in mahogany and pine, with snusdoseruff, cruise documents and middle shot glass, and any original fittings intact. I have seen many fancy boats, but few with the real glory as Plurr have. She looks like a boat do after 110 years of use and good nursing care, says Eva Berglund Thörnblom, curator at the Maritime Museum.

On August 25 Plurr is given over to the Maritime Museum and Heleneborgs boat club. The Maritime is part of the National Maritime Museums, which will take care of the boat while it is the responsibility of the boat club.
At HBK is much expertise in the care of wooden boats. We have long thought of this type of investment because the museum’s facilities to have boats in the lake is limited. The water is their natural environment so it feels great that we can now achieve this cooperation, says Eva Berglund Thörnblom.

Heleneborgs boat club is the initiator of Boat Clubs Day which is celebrated on 27 August and then will Plurr also be showcased.

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