Local | Christmas gift for music lovers: Your own nameplate on a chair in Stockholm’s most modern concert hall!

By on December 14, 2015

Now give Royal School of Music (KMH) each and one the chance to get their name tag on a chair in Stockholm’s most modern concert hall the centerpiece of KMH’s renowned new campus in downtown Stockholm.

The nearly completed outside of the Royal Academy College of Music’s new campus at Stockholm Stadion already commands a lot of attention both among Stockholmers, nationally and internationally. The interiors are now being prepared to be as superbly equipped, flexible and useful for students, teachers and concert audiences. It is here that the building blocks of tomorrow’s music scene will take shape.

The large concert hall will be the site center and a central musical meeting point in Stockholm. It is used after the summer of 2016 and will be inaugurated formally in January 2017. The concert hall is located in the large glass building closest Valhallavagen just inside the main entrance, and offers breathtaking acoustics and distinguished technology. The stage can accommodate a full symphony orchestra with choir on the grandstands and a crowd of about 600 people.

The campaign the Concert chaircreates an opportunity to be involved and get their name on one or more of the concert hall chairs.

KMH educate the world‘s leading musicians and music teachers. From KMH will also songwriters, music producers and studio musicians working together with the world’s top music artists, says the composer Benny Andersson, one of many who engage in KMH new campus.

Therefore it is important for Sweden and our extensive musical tradition to continue investing in this inalienable music education.

By naming one or more concert chairs, you contribute to the infrastructure, technology and other furnishings, and thereby to create the best conditions for KMH to continue to implement education, research and productions of the highest international quality.

The campaign the Concert chair is not just a question of financial contribution, emphasizing KMH rector Cecilia Rydinger Alin.

It is as much a way to build closer personal relationships between KMH and all our important friends and partners outside the university.

See www.kmh.se/konsertstolen, where you can leave your inquiry and also see the current state of booked seats.

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