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By on January 19, 2016

On February 10, 2016, sets the Folk Opera in motion Carmen Moves has premiere an amalgamation of Bizet’s opera Carmen and Sjtjedrins dance works Carmen Suite.
With comedy and seriousness stands love, passion and jealousy at the center when Carmen takes Folkoperans scene.

Carmen Moves premiere at the Folk Opera February 10, 2016 and is an amalgamation of George Bizet’s great work Carmen and the Russian Rodion Sjtjedrins Carmen Suite dance works. Opera singers, dancers and singers of all ages come together on stage in this playful set of choreographer Örjan Andersson.

The piece is arranged for strings and percussion by composer and arranger Olov Helge. For processing stands Magnus Lindman, Marit Strindlund and Örjan Andersson.

Folk Opera Orchestra is playing under the leadership of Alice Farnham, one of Britain’s leading conductors, known among other things from Covent Garden and the Mariinsky Theatre.

Musically we bring together the best of two worlds – the physical movement and voice. Sjtjedrins Carmen Suite was written for strings and percussion. Although Bizet’s arias and choral sections arranged with the orchestral setting. It is a colorful, catchy and dramatic music with an immediate and instinctive force, says Folkoperans musical leader Marit Strindlund.

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