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By on May 16, 2016

May 25 is the premiere of the Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka! It offered a breathtaking mix of classic Italian opera in Bollywood style, with Dogge Doggelito as an opera-rapper, as well as opera singers, musicians and dancers on stage, along with over one hundred children and adolescents from Botkyrka.

There is an intrigue-packed story filled with love, dance and song. We wanted to create a cultural frame of joy and fellowship, and by mixing two so joyful expression that classical opera and Bollywood, was born the idea Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka, says opera singer and -regissören Charlotta Huldt, who is also the initiator of the project.
The project has already been written about in the Indian media and in the autumn SVT broadcast a documentary about the project, social media mentioned as “one of Europe’s coolest cultural projects.” A number of well-known Swedish and international opera singers and dancers involved in the show, not to mention more than a hundred children and adolescents from Botkyrka. For Dogge Doggelito it was natural to say yes to being involved in the project.
Taking tonnes for inclusion in this way feels natural to me, says Dogge Doggelito, who makes his debut as an opera-rapper in the show.

Charlotta Huldt, who is an opera singer and initiator of the project, says that the work on the opera started already six years ago as a reaction to the polarization of society. After several years of preparation, the project ever closer form. At the beginning of the year traveled a working group for the project to India. With them home they got half a kilometer fabric, 30 costumes, props, musical instruments and jewelry. But most of all they had with them experiences that shaped the scenic basic idea of the project.

In Botkyrka live and lives people from about 100 different countries and speak over 150 languages. This multicultural, wealthy and international mix of people provides a perfect masala feeling when Bollywood and Opera meet in a festive firework of color, music and tones, says Charlotta Huldt.

It is Rossini’s comic opera The Italian Girl in Algar that has been transformed into a colorful Bollywood-inspired show with song, music and dance. Bollywood Opera premiere on Subtopia in Botkyrka May 25, and then play two more shows 27 and May 29.

About the show

Performances: Wednesday, May 25 at 19:00 (premiere), Friday, May 27 at 19:00, Sunday, May 29 at 17.00. The show lasts about 2.5 hours including intermission.

Location: Subtopia, Hangaren, Albyvägen 38, Metro: Alby.

Web: www.bollywoodopera.se

Tickets: 320-550 SEK price, via ticknet.se

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