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By on September 7, 2016

When someone says “Do not tell Henry,” and another replies: “Apple’s got your fly.” Then you know that it has entered yet another Dylan-addicted. A soul mate. Dylan Society is a new play by four men who would not pass a single day without Dylan in their lives. They consult Dylan about everything. Would Dylan take ketchup to lasagne?

It’s a comic story about nerds, but also a deep dive into the contemporary world where our need for escapism may seem insatiable. And perhaps this applies particularly to men? First performance September 24 with Lennart Jähkel, Lars Göran Persson, Christer Fant and Leonard Terfelt. Screenplay by Dylannerd Dennis Magnusson. Directing Dennis Sandin.

Was Time Out of Mind really a greater achievement than the Blonde on Blonde? Dylan Society is a comedy about male friendship and togetherness, of human need of a larger meaning and that passionate love an artist.

Markus, Konrad and Bror have in common that they are constantly thinking about Dylan. In all aspects of their lives, they ask Dylan for advice. What would Dylan do? Dylan’s work contains answers to all questions in life.

They have it really good in every way, but life seems a bit meager and difficult. This is where Dylan comes in – Dylan gives life a greater meaning. Their best time of year is when they are seen at the home of Mark and talks Dylan over a meal. “Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm.” Nothing can stand in the way of these sacred meetings. But when Erik doorbell rings one of these evenings, invited by Markus, threatened the society‘s existence.

Why a play about Dylan geeks?

– I saw a documentary where some aging rock journalists and Dylan experts sat and talked about their hero with a huge love – to talk so long and think so much about a person, without themselves ever having met him – it went straight into my heart . I also feel in general a great affection for nerds, for me it is an expression of honest and holy reverence, says the playwright who is also Dylan nerd Dennis Magnusson.

What is the play about (really)?

The play work began in an investigation of fundamentalism, what is it that causes us to put the responsibility for ourselves outside ourselves? It is the Dylan Society doing, a kind fundamentalist. Their meetings and their traditions with special food every time is like a kind of liturgy, says director Dennis Sandin.

It’s about our need, in a secular time, keep something sacred. It’s about to be in a room where you under a flag can share your innermost thoughts and feelings. Like a church, a confession booth, said Dennis Magnusson.

Dylan Society

By Dennis Magnusson

Premiere September 24 on the Small Stage

By: Dennis Magnusson

Director: Dennis Sandin

Set design: Sven Haraldsson

Costume and mask: Patricia Svajger

Light: Maria Rose Palmklint

Audio: Lisa Norman

Music: Michael Svanevik

In the roles:

Markus – Lennart Jähkel

Konrad – Lars Göran Persson

Bror – Christer Fant

Erik – Leonard Terfelt

More Dylan at the Culture City Theatre in autumn

In conjunction with the show, we will offer several activities related to Bob Dylan, including a Dylan-Quiz and talks about the cult of Bob Dylan with invited guests.

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