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By on August 18, 2016

On August 19 to 21 it will be a hive of activity at Djurgården, when Galärvarvet is taken by warships, music with award-winning artist Sofie Livebrant and folk festival. Welcome to Örlogsdagarnafree admission for everyone!

In the past was Galärvarvet on Djurgården closed to the public because there were built and maintained warship. The times change, and today there are here instead museums like the Vasa Museum and museum ship as Sankt Erik and Finngrundet.

The weekend of 19-21 August gets Galärvarvet supplements, when several former warship visiting the area during Örlogsdagarna. To the visiting ships are torpedo boats, missile boats and minesweepers. Many of the visiting ships are open to visitors on Saturday.

Most of these ships has its home port at Gålöbasen south of Stockholm. Therefore, we are particularly happy to come in and show up in the center of the capital, a weekend in August, says museum director Hans-Lennart Ohlsson.

To the visiting ships belonging motor torpedo boats T46 and T56, the torpedo boat Spica, missile boat Ystad, picket boat Sprängaren, minsveparna M20, M21 and M22. On Friday, one of the ships, patrol boat Jägaren, transferred from the Navy to the National Maritime Museums, where the Association of Swedish patrol boats will be responsible for the future operation of the ship.

– This Naval fleet is a unique cultural heritage that is preserved entirely thanks to large voluntary contributions from the so-called Veteran flotilla. Without this work, would these ships in all likelihood be scrapped today.

Even peaceful activities have space during Örlogsdagarna. Over the weekend, runs the 101-year-old icebreaker Sankt Eriks steam engines for the audience. Society galleys have views of the area and on Saturday and Sunday are operating amateur radio on the lightship Finngrundet, in conjunction with the International Lighthouse Day.

Friday evening at 18.30 comes Sofie Livebrant with the band to perform music piece “Lighthouse Stories” on board Eriks. Music documentary Lighthouse Stories, which was recorded during their concert trip around the North Sea, with interviews of the lighthouse keepers at lighthouses around the North Sea, broadcast on national television on 17 September. The disc is also multiple awards in 2016: the Year Show, Manifest Prize, as well as the Year Edition of Folk & World Music Awards. Food and drinks for sale.

– This will be a great opportunity for locals to round off the summer, says Hans Lennart Ohlsson.

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