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By on June 11, 2016

Balance and Provocation

09.08 – 27.11, 2016
Great Hall, Färgfabriken

In autumn 2016 produces Färgfabriken a major exhibition of four artists in question from Burma / Myanmar. After 50 years of military dictatorship has a strong dynamic art scene evolved as the political developments. We want to make visible in the exhibition, Balance and provocation, to a Swedish audience.

Since 2013, Färgfabriken worked on various projects in Burma / Myanmar and established an extensive network of contacts among artists and architects. We have met several contemporary artists with exciting expression and seen the relevance of paying attention to the country’s rich and engaging art scene. The lack of cultural infrastructure such as museums and galleries made to a number of artists began to use the street and other public spaces as a stage for performances, where they found their audience. The arts programs in the country is still very conservative. But a new cultural scene is taking shape with strong expressive expressions and reflective installations seeking alternative ways to communicate.

In cooperation with the locally active curator Nathalie Johnston has Färgfabriken produced an exhibition that will be running from September 8 to November 27, 2016. Four current artists born between 1970 and 1990 will show video works and installations and during the opening day, there will also be live performances in the exhibition. With the exhibition titled want Färgfabriken capture the complexities of Burmese society and the captivating mix of local traditions, social critique and modern influences that characterize the cultural development of the country. Through art also reflected the difficulties involved in going from a dictatorship to a fragile democracy.

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