Local | Audience record for the Bergman Festival at the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on September 10, 2016

Over ten thousand visited the third Bergman Festival at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, which took place between 25 August and 4 September. This is the highest number of visitors for the festival, which next time is arranged in 2018: the year when Ingmar Bergman would have turned 100 years.

The number* of visits to the festival performances (performances and Dramatic own sets) were totaling 8454. This corresponds to an occupancy of 85 percent. The equivalent figure the previous two festivals were 6946 with an occupancy of 73 percent (2012) and 4685 with an occupancy of 68 percent (2009).

I am extremely proud of the 2016 Bergman Festival. An international theater festival is an opportunity to experience and reflect themselves in theaters from other countries. It is important that, as a national offer the public more and different perspectives and that through exchanges and collaborations across borders contribute to the artistic development that will both audience and stage artists benefit. Now we take at the Royal Dramatic batch to the next Bergman Festival in 2018, the year when Ingmar Bergman would have turned 100 this year, says theater manager Eirik Stubø.

During eleven days received six Drama Sets premiere and the theater was attended by ten international guest performances from Belgian tg Stan, Italian Teatro Stabile, Dutch Toneelgroep Amsterdam, German Schaubühne, Deutsches Theater and the Maxim Gorki Theater, the Norwegian National Theatre and Det Norske Teatret and Danish Salon Madame Nielsen. From Sweden guest appearances Marcus Lindeens Wild Minds. Additionally arranged a number of other program activities, including lectures, talks, screenings, seminars, analysis, introductions and conversation.

* Figures based on material available at time of writing.

Press Voices on 2016 Bergman Festival

Bergman Festival has undoubtedly been a great success, both artistically and public (Lars Ring, SvD)

He [Eirik Stubø] electrify the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Bergman demons and sets at the same time on the national stage performances the map and create international attention. So, a dramatic grindstone drawn. (Lars Ring, SvD)

Very inspiring and very high level (Anneli Dufva SR Culture News)

It feels luxurious, we have a little bit of it, the big theater groups will leave an impression in Europe and the world – they will not so often here in Stockholm. (Jenny Aschenbrenner, SR Culture News)

What a kick-start to the theater autumn (Åsa Beckman, DN)

Revitalizing performances (Claes Wahlin, Aftonbladet)

An incredibly inspiring festival (…) Valuable for Sweden that the Bergmanfestival are (Leif Zern, DN)

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