Local | ATTITUDE-STHLM launches a world-leading omni platform

By on November 16, 2015

ATTITUDE-STHLM will launch a new world-leading omni platform which unites e-commerce, video ad space, editorials and social media with the 250,000 subscribers in the ATTITUDE-STHLM community. The platform is scalable globaly on other markets and will be launched during Q4 2016.

Does the phrase “native advertising” mean anything to you? If you work with digital media, chances are you’ve heard a lot about one of the newer developments in online ads, native omnichannel which basically takes the advertorial to the web by putting specially designed advertising material close to regular editorial content, albeit marked as an ad.

“Native advertising is so new that there is a lot of experimentation going on in regards to both campaign content and the available platforms,” says Robert Lindqvist, who is in charge of development of the new multi-channel network. “What’s important to the success of native advertising is that the advertiser needs to create content that’s relevant for the user, that the context is right for the content, and that it’s clear that it’s sponsored content. A range of studies have shown that native advertising can increase factors such as awareness, intention to buy and brand preferences for advertisers.”

It also can take more planning and work, depending on what the advertiser provides – whether there is existing native-compatible campaign material or not. Of course, ATTITUDE-STHLM offers assistance for those advertisers who need help, via its digital production partner. “It’s especially important not only that the content is relevant for viewers, but that it fits with what the advertiser wants to communicate as well as ATTITUDE-STHLM’s brand, says Lindqvist.”

ATTITUDE-STHLM Online Network will bring together the best content creators on digital platforms in the Nordic’s and together with them develop ATTITUDE-STHLM both in terms of content and business, offering the expertise and backing of Sweden’s No. 1 commercial high-profile fashion- and beauty event and exhibition, ATTITUDE-STHLM with 30,000 visitors each year.

ATTITUDE-STHLM Online Network is a way to reach younger viewers – 12–34-year-olds versus the 18–49-year-old audience of ATTITUDE-STHLM Events – on the platforms they prefer, like YouTube. It also allows ATTITUDE-STHLM to offer advertisers new tailored ad solutions for even further and more focused reach.

“We’re going to be seeing a lot of new wonderful talent at ATTITUDE-STHLM, we expect to have the big release by 2016,” says Lindqvist. “A lot of new content will be launched, mainly by the talent themselves on their own platforms, but also in projects and formats that we initiate, for example in fashion and beauty. And of course a lot of smart and well-done business collaborations with our advertisers!”

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