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By on June 25, 2016

In addition to a successful music career, Meja also established herself as an artist, where she both painting and photographing. The demand for her art becomes increasingly large and in summer can visitors at Smådalarö Gård take part of her work. The art exhibition starts during her performance at the SDG live July 6 and is then left for the archipelago hotel guests all summer until last August.

Meja is one of our major international artists who kept more secret at home. Her career took off in 1993 when she with Anders Bagge and Legacy of Sound got a Billboardhit with the song “Happy”. Then took her solo career skyrocketed with Japan as the largest market, where she warmed stadiums before Madonna and Celine Dion. “All about the money” is still played around the world, with millions of albums sold, including the duet “Private Emotion” with Ricky Martin, the music continues to flow. During her concert at Smådalarö Gård will Meja open her art exhibition with vernissage on July 6 at 17:00.

To touch with the brush, or the camera rather than the voice is something completely different and it’s funny that more and more interested in my art. For example, I work with to set the color and shape on the sound insulating plates – a type of functional art that I think is cool. The art has also got me in contact with amazingly good and worthwhile charitable projects, such as the Non Violence, says Meja.

The concept SDG live, where stars from the Swedish music scene playing live at Smådalarö Gård, makes her second season and Meja also started last year’s gigs, then with Louise Hoffsten.

We want to offer all residents, summer residents, boat and hotel guests something extra during the summer. The archipelago’s a destination in itself and SDG live, with its intimate musical experience combined with good food & beverage offers something extra. Whether you arrive on foot, or by boat, car or bus. It’s great that Meja comes back to us and this time also brings her art, says Michael Lerner, head of Sabi Hotels & Meetings.

Other artists in the summer of 2016

Wille Craaford, Lisa Miskovsky, Timo Räisinen and Rigmor Gustafsson.

Read more and book at www.sdglive.se

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