Anette Heymann and Sara Lindskog, “Lyseriet”

By on September 17, 2016

With the purpose to spread light
Exhibition at Gallery Hantverket 5 / 11- 24/11
Anette Heymann, goldsmith and Sara Lindskog, cabinetmaker.

Anette has been involved in running Gallery Hantverket since 2004 and has had a goldsmith shop in central Stockholm since 2007. Trained as a goldsmith at Goldsmiths College in Copenhagen.

Sara is a trained cabinetmaker and has also worked with textiles.

We met at art school many years ago and have always wanted to do a show together. We had an idea that we could not let go and is now showing results at Gallery Hantverket.

We have chosen to work with different types of light sources.
Together we have worked both artistically and practically with every object in the exhibition. Therefore we have chosen to partially abandon our respective materials. We have stretched our boundaries and experimented with materials that we have always been curious about. The materials we used are wood, veneer, brass, copper, silver, textiles, porcelain and gold leaf.

We have had great fun and hope it shows!

Please take a look at the Gallery Hantverket and be enlightened!

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