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By on February 2, 2016

Anette Berglund
Ceramics and graphics
16 April-15 May 2016
Welcome to the opening Saturday, April 16 at 11-16.

In my exhibition, I want to let two of my artistic expression meet. Two completely different techniques but there are still elements that resemble one another, and that appeals to me. The end result can not be predicted entirely for neither raku pottery or printed graphics. The tension before the result will be and quite physical work, the techniques also common.

Both techniques require a particular process. In working with ceramics, I adopt the clay to be molded, dry, burnt, glazed and fired again in the raku kiln. The hot goods will be put in shavings, burn, cool down and finally scrubbed clean of soot. Finally emerges profit! Raku method can never be steer to 100%.

In the graphics, I begin by processing a printing plate such as copper, zinc, drypoint cardboard or plastic. It’s about creating lines and shapes using drypoint, perhaps etchings on metal plates. You can glue the structures or cutting board which then needs to be painted with shellac several turns to withstand dyeing and printing. This is called collografi.
The plate should be carefully stained then wiped so that hardly any color appears. There will be only color in the lines that I have done on the plate. Time for proofing. Now clean hands to put the sheet and the soaked printing paper in the printing press. If I’m not satisfied with the results, I continue to work on my plate and make further proofs. I often work on with the pictures and make collages of different pressures.

I want both my expression to complement each other when placed side by side. The black level and the gray scale, which I love so much, are available in both techniques. Sometimes I put the color to soften the austere graphic expression.
My inspiration often comes from nature. Colors, shapes, patterns and textures that I have seen, felt, and then brought with me.
Götgatan 63
116 21 Stockholm
Phone 08 641 66 08 www.gallerihantverket.se
Open: Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16, Sun 12-16
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