Local | Adde Malmberg makes autumn revue at the Soup theater

By on August 24, 2016

En tröst om hösten is the title of Adde Malmberg’s new show at the Soup Theatre, which has its world premiere on September 2. It is a bittersweet and melancholic revue about the time we live in. But also about what warms and instills hope in troubled times. Adde Malmberg has written the script and is the director, on stage we see Lars Lind, My Holmsten, Julia Marko-Nord, Fredrik Meyer and Albin Flinkas. The show contains illustrations of Fibben Hald, one of the country’s best cartoonists.

What distinguishes the revue, and that makes it so interesting is that it starts from the audience. You have to communicate with the audience, here and now, and get people to think, while you have to be funny. It’s fun to be back at the Soup Theatre, where you can really make contact with the audience, says Adde Malmberg.

Adde Malmberg is working as an actor, director and translator since 1988 and is one of our most popular comedians. On the Culture City Theatre he has previously written the screenplay for the revue Nya julspår (2007) on the Soup Theatre and starred, wrote the script and directed the revue Sold out played on the small stage 2015.E


First performance September 2, 2016 at Klara soup theater

By: Adde Malmberg
Director: Adde Malmberg
Participants: Albin Flinkas, My Holmsten, Lars Lind, Fredrik Meyer & Julia Marko-Nord
Illustrations: Fibben Hald
New composition: Fredrik Meyer
Costume / Set Design / Details: Gudrun Rösnes
Light: Albin Flinkas

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