Local | A Monty Pythons Holy Grail for the younger!

By on April 26, 2016

When Boulevard Theatre’s director and artistic director Roger Westberg saw the show Luck Child with David Collins during the festival in Edinburg, he knew immediately – This natural, fun and exciting show with a wonderfully happy message for all the kids, he just had to do on his own stage in Stockholm!
And so it became.

Roger went to Australia and met David Collins, one part of Umbilicial Brothers, and director Jonathan Biggins to talk about his idea to set up Lyckobarnet in Sweden. The play which among other things won the award ‘Best Production for Children’ – the Sydney Theatre Awards. Where in Australia did Roger directed by both Jonathan and David – A dream start for the birth of Rogers lucky children at the Boulevard Theatre stage.
Rogers humor and expressive physical theater style that we recognize from such a stand up Hamlet, is a style not far from David Collins and comes to its perfection in this Monty Phythons Holy Grail for the smallest.

This is a humorous adventure story about the happiest boy in the world through divination are predicted to become the king of the country and a very evil and power greedy king and the unpleasant three-headed dog from hell … Or by the way … one of the heads‘re a cat … but it is angry!
The Russian folk tale about the evil king who is doing everything to prevent the prophecy of lucky child to come true is the basis for our story.

Premiere May 14 at 13 – playing during May at the Boulevard Theatre

With Roger Westberg
Production Design John Soderberg
A play by Jonathan Biggins and David Collins / Umbilicial Brothers

Duration about 45 min

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