A female Don Juan in Hasse and Tage musical

By on September 15, 2016

Docking the Boat, Release the prisoners loose, An adorable summer waltz, Shall we change stuff with each other? There are some of the Hasse and Tage-earrings available in the newly written musical Donna Juanita. Here we meet Anita from Kramfors who becomes the man-eater Donna Juanita when she embarks on a conquest through Sweden. The story starts in the 60th century Kramfors and takes us to Vällingby through Tomelilla.

In the role of the young Anita, we see Gina Dirawi, and as the older, Claire Wikholm. Co-starring Robin Keller, Kajsa Reingardt, Ole Forsberg, Fredrik Lycke, Kalle Westerdahl, Ann-Sofie Rase, Sven Ahlström, Maja Rung, Matilda Ragnerstam, Stran Cetin, Tove Edfeldt and Kristofer Kamiyasu. On stage, a five-piece orchestra under the direction of Carl Bagge. Director Johanna Garpe. Suit of Kersti Vitali Rudolfsson. Premiered September 30 on the Main Stage, the Culture City Theatre.

Kramfors 1960s. Young Anita trying mother’s old wedding dress and panics. Never will she allow herselves to be caught in such a garment! The world is to be conquered. Why not start with the mailman? And why not rename to something wilder; Donna Juanita!

Donna Juanita is an original musical by Erik Norberg and Johanna Garpe which takes its starting point in Hasse Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson freed Donna Juanita from the revue Spader, Madame! She was the sister of Don Juan. Here there will be a musical road movie through Sweden in the world from the 1960s through Kramfors Tomelilla to Vällingby 2016.

At the center of the story is Anita, a female Don Juan, who wants to live life in the same obvious way that her brother Dan. She is as horny as him, but society holds her back. The story begins today when Anita is in her 70s and discovers that her brother will publish his memoirs about everybody he has conquered. But it’s not his story but her own that he intended to steal.
Donna Juanita – A musical with 28 songs by Hasse and Tage song treasure
Premiered September 30 on the Main Stage
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