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By on August 11, 2016

Dance Marathon – autumn big bet on the genre performing arts – will premiere on the Main Stage August 25th at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. In the Dance Marathon competes the participants to win the first prize: a permanent job. And it is the audience that is the jury. Our dance director Kenneth Kvarnström debuts as a theater director and several of our most experienced actor debuts as a dancer, including Philip Zandén, Gunilla Röör, Kajsa Ernst and Katarina Ewerlöf. Costumes by Camilla Thulin.

It is time for the championships in the marathon dance. To the glittering show comes the participants, hoping to be left alone as the victor on the dance floor. This applies to cope dance longest. And more than that, it comes to be seen. To get their moment in the spotlight.

– This is a creative collision between art, that it is precisely our dance director Kenneth Kvarnström that make this pioneering project was a prerequisite. He has a strong artistic vision. And the experience necessary to lead this impressive ensemble, which consists of some of our most loved and experienced actor, to new heights and artistic expression, says Anna Takanen, theater and performing arts manager.

The dance marathon, after Horace McCoy’s novel, is a play about dreams and rivalry, but also a story about life. The show must go on, even though the body strike and feet ache. Our dance director, Kenneth Kvarnström debuts here as a director with an experienced ensemble that asks the question on its head: Who can dance to the end?

It is with some mixed emotions that I have gone into this project. It is exciting to work with such experienced actors. What happens when established actor meets the dance expression, and when the show is a competition in dancing furthest? says Kenneth Kvarnström, dance director.

In the show will the ensemble be competing against each other in a variety of dance styles such as Finnish tango, charleston and bollywood. Who is the best decides the audience who vote with their program sheets.

Kenneth Kvarnström has since his breakthrough 1990 set up a forty dance performances and theatrical productions. He has been an artist professor in Finland and head of the House of Dance in Stockholm. Kenneth Kvarnström is considered one of Europe’s foremost choreographers in contemporary dance. Earlier this year he was awarded the Per Gannevik scholarship. Kenneth Kvarnström has since he in 2013 took over as the dance director at the Culture City Theatre set several critically acclaimed dance performances, including TAPE, the first act of the acclaimed show DOUBLEtake, which in 2015 toured the US and played at prestigious BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in New York .


After the novel by Horace McCoy

Premiere Aug. 25 on the Main Stage

Direction, choreography & scenography Kenneth Kvarnström

Costume Camilla Thulin

Light Patrik Bogårdh

Mask Susanne von Platen

Dramaturgically Lucas Svensson

Deputy director Mia Winge

Starring: Mina Azarian, Ulf Eklund, Kajsa Ernst, Katarina Ewerlöf, Françoise Fournier, Robert Fux, Anders Johannisson, Jan Mybrand, Odile Nunes, Gunilla Röör, Per Sandberg, Eva Stenson and Philip Zandén

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