Lo Kauppi’s version of Märta Tikkanen’s Män kan inte våldtas gets it first performance at Södra Teatern

By on September 29, 2018

Män kan inte våldtas in a unique collaboration between Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Södra Teatern. The play is based on the Finnish writer, Märta Tikkanens cult novel. Män kan inte våldtas from 1975, now in dramatic processing and directed by Lo Kauppi. In the roles we see Elisabet Carlsson, Sven Ahlström, Angelika Prick, Christer Fant, Eva Stenson and Nils Wetterholm. First performance 2 February 2019 at Södra Theater.

– I am pleased and proud that Kulturhuset Stadsteatern together with Södra Teatern will put up this controversial and current play next year. Märta Tikkanen’s Män kan inte våldtas was when it came in the 1970s important for the women’s movement and is still today. I, and many with me I would think, are very curious to see what the meeting between these two wayward artists – Lo Kauppi and Märta Tikkanen – will bring to life on stage, says Anna Takanen, theater and performing arts director of Kulturhuset city ​​Theater.

The library Tova will fill 50 years. She is recently divorced with two teenage sons, Jockum and Mick. Tova’s life is in many ways a common life, like yours and mine. But then happens something life changing. On her birthday, Tova goes out to a restaurant, alone to celebrate. She goes home with Martti.
He rapes her.
Her life is destroyed completely, but Tova decides not to report a police report. What should it serves? Instead, Tova decides to avenge. She’s going to rape Martti. Humiliate him as he humiliated her. Is she crazy? Men can’t be raped?

– Getting the chance to dramatize Män kan inte våldtas is a great challenge. It is sad that our gender roles around sexuality are still so simple that the novel over 40 years after publishing feels daily. I have never seen on the scene or in movies seen an adult white heterosexual man be raped by a woman. It seems today to be too challenging for us to embrace thinking, says Lo Kauppi, dramatist and director.

– It’s incredibly fun that Lo will dramatize my novel. Lo is very inspiring and an outstanding energy bundle. So I’m very hopeful of the results and hope that I have the opportunity to get to know the Lo version of a text that came into being during the International Women’s Year 1975!, says Märta Tikkanen.

The set will be one of the first to be premiere at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern’s relocation period when the building at Sergel’s square is being renovated.

– We are proud to be able to host the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern during this period and very pleased to welcome Lo Kauppi back to the Big Stage, says Fredrik Granberg, program director at Södra Teatern.

Last Lo Kauppi visited the Södra Teatern was with the performance Vita kränkta män 2013.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Södermalm