Livrustkammaren builds a new bass exhibition

By on December 14, 2017

Livrustkammaren is Sweden’s oldest museum and the unique collections depicting Sweden’s royal history have so far been seen by millions of visitors. Now it is time for the Livrustkammaren to create a new bass exhibition to provide better conditions for the accessibility of visitors and for the conservation of objects.

Due to the rebuilding, most of the museum’s entrance plan will be closed in 2018 starting January 8th. Livrustkammaren’s visitors are welcomed to the museum’s lower exhibition room, where you can enjoy the royal wagons and the exhibition I love you madly – a story about the passionate relationship between Axel von Fersen and Marie Antionette. The new bass exhibition is expected to open in early 2019.

– Livrustkammaren has been in the castle for 40 years and in order to live up to our mission of preserving and communicating the heritage and making the collections available to visitors, it requires the appropriate premises and new conditions for modern museum activities. The museum’s collection of items from Swedish royal history has no counterpart in both Sweden and abroad. Livrustkammaren will be keen for more, by standing for a wider range of stories, content and pedagogy. The basic exhibition is about to showcase the past in a clearer way than today to meet the modern museum visitors, who may not always know “all” about Sweden’s royal history, says Malin Grundberg, museum director at Livrustkammaren.

New research and preserved magic museum experience in the old weapons stores.

One of the most important news in the exhibition is a coherent chronological story about the power of monarchy for 500 years. The collections are presented in new ways, through existing and ongoing research in several areas. Livrustkammaren wants to meet today’s visitors with an updated story about Sweden’s history through monarchy and people connected to it, from Gustav Vasa to the present. In addition, Livrustkammaren becomes more accessible and more educational to address all the senses and prerequisites.

– Even in the future, the museum will showcase the popular and well-known objects, but it will also be possible to experience new items that have never been shown in the museum. We give more room for the royal women and their importance. We also raise the 1800s and 1900s, but also our own time more compared to today’s basic exhibition. We take in the international perspective in the description of the past. Sweden’s royal history has not been isolated from the outside world and it should be clarified. And the magical museum sense, “Livrustkammarkänslan”, which is currently in the exhibition, will be taken care of. The rustic simple elegance that characterized the museum will be guiding even in the new exhibition, says Malin Grundberg, museum director at Livrustkammaren.

Greater focus on museum visits for all the minds, for both young and old.

In 2016, Livrustkammaren was visited by approximately 450,000 people, where children and schoolchildren make up an important part. The new exhibition will be easier to understand and touch more senses, which facilitates learning. A large part of the museum’s visitors are foreign tourists and we will also make it easier for them to take part in the exhibition. Having no knowledge of Sweden’s history should not be an obstacle.

Livrustkammaren 2018 – still open among the royal wagons with views, school programs, city walks and program activities.

During the rebuilding before the new exhibition, the business will continue throughout 2018.

We offer brand new views focusing on the royal wagons, the exhibition I love you madly, along with popular program items and lectures and events in the stone hall. City walks will be a new feature of our school programs, and a collaboration with the Church of Sweden will make that Livrustkammaren also will be in Storkyrkan with different activities.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm