Livia Millhagen becomes Anna Karenina

By on August 20, 2017

Few have described love stronger than Lev Tolstoy in the classical Anna Karenina. The novel, published in full 1879, is seen as one of the most important works of literature history. Now the play is played on Dramaten for the first time, directed by Tobias Theorell. Premiere on the Main Stage September 9th.

Anna Karenina gets enamored with Officer Vronskji and suddenly realizes she is unhappily married. She sees no choice but to follow the passion. However she does the tragedy awaits: Leave man and child, her life and her position – or deny herself love and freedom? Meanwhile, in another part of the country, the wealthy landowner Levin, played by Andreas Rothlin Svensson, tries to forget his love by digging into work.

In Helen Edmund’s concentrated dramatization we follow Anna Karenina’s story, with Levin’s story as contrast: Two different ways to look at life, ethics and love.

– Anna Karenina is such a multifaceted and eternally current story of what love is and how we shall be able to live with other people. I am fascinated by the theatrical associative in Edmundson’s dramatization. Making Levin an Annas conversation partner is an elegant way of joining the two main characters to life and love. They meet only a brief moment in the book, but in the play shapes the two stories each other. It’s Annas history, but here she finally gets someone to bounce it against, says director Tobias Theorell.

In the roles
Anna Karenina Livia Millhagen
Alexej Karenin Per Svensson
Greve Vronskji Erik Borgeke
Dolly Emma Broomé
Konstantin Levin Andreas Rothlin Svensson
Kitty Emma Österlöf
Stiva Danilo Bejarano
Nikolaj and several Bengt CW Carlsson
Petrijskij with several Pierre Wilkner
Furstinnan Betsy with several Inga-Lill Andersson

Translation Eva Ström
Dramatization Helen Edmundsson
Director Tobias Theorell
Scenography and costume Magdalena Åberg
Light Torben Lendorph

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