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By on June 30, 2017

Stefan och Thomas, avfarten mot Dalstahuvud is based on the radio theater-pod Stefan and Thomas. Anton Hellström and Edvin Hallberg have built up the characters Stefan and Thomas for many years, and in the pod we can follow their daily lives through low-intensity talks. Now they are visiting the Forum Debate at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern August 28th and perform for the first time Stefan and Thomas live on stage.

A parallel, West Swedish self-employed universe is being painted, where we can get acquainted with, among other things, fun-filled Stefan Kasta, the wives Pernilla and Marlena, as well as unfortunate Mats Härd. Everything against a fund of directions to summer cottages outside Hälleviksstrand, what kind of plasterboard to be used for bathroom renovation, the difference between mountain heat and pellets and what really happened when Dick Axén filled 47. Hellström and Hallberg do not work with laughter or excessive satire. With respect and nuance wealth, they depict the Swedish middle class beyond the template – without foppa slippers, Ullared and Flintastek.


Anton Hellström is 27 years old and works as an actor and artist. Hellström is one of the creators behind the stage art performances Total Trygghet, Olika personer – vem har tillgång till det offentliga rummet, the radio program Stefan Sauk in P3 and the photo exhibition Á day inn Jönköping, which has been exhibited in Berlin, Gagnef and Gothenburg.

Edvin Hallberg is a 26-year-old visual artist. He has a background in the construction industry as a traditional painter, and has subsequently worked with decorative painting and scenography at the Folkeatern in Gothenburg. Hallberg has also studied two years at the art preparatory education at Gerlesborgsskolan.

Told about Stefan and Thomas:

“The interaction between them is so keen that they can build a whole micro cosmos through it. The teenage child, the social control, the fear of becoming like Mats Härd, the dreams. It is just about these two men, but because they are also types, it is of course about masculinity in a broader sense. ”
Nina Eidem, publisher

“So subtle, accurate, artistic, own and yet recognizable”
Erik Johansson, actor

“The best thing that came from Gothenburg since Carbide”
Christian Olsson, artist

28/8 on Café Klara at 19.00

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