Live in the Lounge

By on March 1, 2017

For five Thursdays in March we fill the Lounge at Nobis Hotel Stockholm with selected live performances by Swedish artists. We transform the Lounge with its 28 meter high ceilings and incredible acoustics to a stadium to celebrate the Swedish music. First out, Thursday, March 2, is Linn Öberg supported by Sandra “Chocolate Canel” Bergman as resident DJ.

Live in the Lounge is a collaboration between the Nobis Hotel and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, where we pay tribute to the Swedish music miracle by inviting the live shows every Thursday in March between the hours. 17-21. Together we end the music month with present this year elected to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in the Lounge at Nobis Hotel for Swedish and international press on 23 March.

The award, which is awarded to exceptional musicians and artists, has been established to demonstrate the importance, breadth and richness of our music history. Both musicians, songwriters, artists, producers or others who have had considerable influence on popular music development in Sweden can be elected.

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