Little Swan Lake – a great classic in small tapping

By on November 16, 2018

Unga Dramaten continues their venture on “Young Classics” with Little Swan Lake, directed and choreographed by Claire Parsons. But instead of the graceful swans, as the audience might expect, three completely different characters appear on the stage. What do you do when things are not as expected? You make the most of the situation and goes on. First performance on November 23 at Lejonkulan.

In Little Swan lake we try to fly with magic feathers, dance in water mirrors and find the best steps for big and small. For directing and choreography stands Claire Parsons, who in her work in dance and performance is especially interested in what fights against learned codes and expressions. In her performances, she addresses a young audience and creates new stage experiences that encourage interaction and dialogue. Little Swan lake wants to make up with who can take place and the expectations of how things are going to be done.

A production from Unga Dramaten in the series “Young Classics”. Recommended from 6 years.

Little Swan lake, first performance November 23, Lejonkulan

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm