Little Jinder to Grönan in summer

By on February 23, 2017

Her successful year has probably not gone unnoticed by anyone. After the album release, high-profile tours and her acclaimed participation in “Så mycket bättrecomes pop star Little Jinder finally to Gröna Lund. On August 23, at 20:00, she stands on the Main Stage.

With her honest and self-disclosure texts has Josefine Jinder always gone her own way with the music. A record deal across the Atlantic at a young age eventually led to a grand breakthrough in Sweden. The breakthrough led to price rain where she took home the Grammy Award for Pop of the Year in 2015 which was followed up by a gold statuette for Pop of the Year at P3 Gold Awards in 2016. After her highly appreciated participation in the television series “Så mycket bättre” and program management of Musikhjälpen 2016, comes now a sample of new music from the pop star when she on Friday releases the new single “Kvicksand“. On August 23 at 20:00 we welcome Little Jinder out on the Main Stage.
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