“Listen to your heart” gets new life

By on January 15, 2017

INÉZ is the last name of the Swedish DJ scene and debuted last Friday with her debut single Listen to your heart” that is a new version of Roxette’s superhit and Billboardone from the 1989th

Despite five years of professional DJ meets INÈZ daily by comments from men who think she just stands in a DJ booth andpress a button to start / stop the music.”

– I get hefty comments from men who comes forward almost every time I play. And with 3-4 gigs a week, it can be quite tiring, says INÈZ. My goal is to wash away all prejudices against us girls who have DJs as a profession and I like to be treated with the same respect as my male colleagues.

Her interest in DJ profession began in middle school when she signed up for a DJ course. Already then noticed the male dominance, and when she was the only girl on the course burst her confidence and she dropped out.

I regretted it hard for many years that I did not complete my dream. When I many years later was asked to jump in as a DJ in a nightclub I did not hesitate a second. I invested in my own equipment and hung out on the Stockholm night clubs every night to listen to how other DJs play. I listened to their mixes and began to imitate them at home in the living room behind my turntables.

Today is INÈZ a established DJ’s name and work continuously mix-tapes and co-producing tracks for various projects. The debut single “Listen To Your Heart” is co-produced along with English producer Patrick Jordan and is available on all platforms.

Play in Spotify here: Lyssna i Spotify här!

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