Lissie to Sweden with a new album!

By on December 11, 2017

Last Lissie was in Sweden (December 2015) we were invited to a warm and magical concert (and a proposal on stage!) at a fully Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Many have longed for her return since then. Now the singer-songwriter star finally comes back – with upcoming album “Castles” in the guitar case. April 18th at Debaser Strand in Stockholm – and the tickets are available now via!

The new album “Castles” will be released on March 23 and a month later, we will see Lissie live in Sweden again. The new album is a combination of intimate introspection and contemporary dream pop – all framed by Lissie’s amazing song.

The new single (with accompanying video), “Blood And Muscle”, is a good example of Lissie’s new sound, where her voice can float freely – over a simple but moving piano accompaniment. It’s a song that, like the rest of the album, shows up a strong and fearless Lissie.

The album was written from Lissie’s new home in northeast Iowa and represents a spiritual as well as musical development for the artist. Her three previous albums have been huge successes and all indicate that “Castles” follow the same track.

A person who is a big fan of Lissie is director David Lynch – who included Lissie (and the song “Wild West”) in the last season of the Twin Peaks cult series. The song is both in the final scene of a section and on the series’s magical soundtrack.

Now we are looking forward to March 23 for the new album – and April 18 for the Stockholm concert! The tickets are out now!

Date 2018
18/4 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm