Lionman single debuts with “Don’t You Dare”!

By on February 19, 2018

After many years of songwriting and finishing of his own expression, Lionman released his debut single, “Don’t You Dare” – a song about integrity: respecting the borders of others and not judging others!

To claim that 22-year-old Lionman, actually called Cedrik Hammar, is a special singer is no exaggeration; In his voice there is warmth, presence, depth and breadth. In addition, a voice control that makes it all easy and obvious – and whatever matter it’s always quite soulful.

“I have realized that it can be a strength that you can mix other elements and genres without getting too sprawling. The voice is the red thread.” says Lionman. “And I think “Don’t You Dare” is a good example of it, where there are both modern production think and a gospel influenced choir.”

The new single has Lionman written together with Ellen Stokstad and David Husberg, who has also produced.

Listen to “Don’t You Dare” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music