Linnea Henriksson ready for Grönan

By on January 16, 2017

She made a success as host of Musikhjälpen both 2014 and 2015, has won the P3 Gold for “Best Artist” and have received Alice Babs Jazz Scholarship. In 2017, a brand new album, with the first single “Say Me” was released last Friday. On September 21, we will see and hear Linnea Henriksson, when she steps out on Gröna Lund venerable Main Stage.

Her debut album “To my beloved and lover” managed the feat of both seize first place on Spotify’s album chart and give her the prize “Artist of the Year” at P3 Guld. In 2014, she stepped in as host in Musikhjälpens studio with Kodjo Akolor and Petter, a mission which she also returned to 2015 with Kodjo and Gina Dirawi.

It is three years since we heard anything new in the way of music from Linnea Henriksson, and after making the estimated job as a radio show host has now the creativity and pen lust presented itself again. Last Friday was released Linnea Henriksson’s new single “Say Me” and she is right now in the studio to complete the album scheduled for release in 2017. Last time she played at Gröna Lund was 2015 and on September 21 at 20:00, we once again see her step on Gröna Lunds Main Stage.

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