Lindesberg artist Oubaida Mualem exhibits

By on December 6, 2018

The spring salon at Liljevalchs in Stockholm is a dear, controversial and lively tradition since its inception in 1921, which will open on Friday 25 January with 136 participants showing 254 works – including two intarsia works by Oubaida Mualem from Syria, now living in Lindesberg since 2015.

“I thought it was any art exhibition when I was advised to submit my applications – it’s only now that I’m adopted as I start to understand how big it is to be admitted to the Spring Salon,” explains Oubaida Mualem who got two of his five submitted works accepted in very fierce competition.

Never before have so many wanted to exhibit at the Spring Salon. When the application deadline expired in October, 3,538 applications had been received. Of these, 254 works were taken from 136 artists of the jury consisting of the artists Helene Billgren, Susanne Vollmer and Lasse Åberg with Mårten Castenfors (Liljevalch’s chief) as jury chairman.

Over the last few years, the Spring Salon has grown into a big and well-attended event, giving participants a unique opportunity to be seen by a very large audience. The Spring Salon 2018 had 122,146 visitors – a new record for Liljevalchs at the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. The spring salon 2019 will open 25 January and will last until March 24th.

Oubaida Mualem is very grateful for the support and reception he and his family received in Lindesberg – for example, he has renamed his company to LindeKonst.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm