Lina Ullman is a finalist for the Young CEO of the Year award 2019

By on October 13, 2019
Lina Ullman - Founder and CEO of Digitalent, a sister company to Academic Work

For the eighth consecutive year, the digital leadership platform awards the CEO of the Year award. Now the finalists have been appointed and in the Young CEO of the Year category, the Academic Work Group is represented by Digitalent’s CEO and founder Lina Ullman.

The purpose of the CEO of the Year award is to highlight and reward good role models among Sweden’s CEOs and, through the power of the good example, influence a value-driven leadership and a positive development of Swedish business.

Now it is clear who the finalists are for this year’s awards, which are divided into four categories: small, medium, large companies and Young CEO of the Year. In the latter category, we find, in competition with four other young business leaders, Lina Ullman who is the founder and CEO of Digitalent.

Digitalent was started in 2017 and is a consulting firm with broad expertise in leadership and development in the digital world. The company, which is part of the Academic Work group, works to bridge the gap between the company’s growth needs and the lack of digital competence in the market.

“First of all, I want to thank my fantastic team for the nomination, and now being one of five finalists feels fantastic fun! The theme of this year’s CEO is Walk the talk and addresses some of our important focus areas – Leadership, sustainability and growth. Therefore, this is a receipt confirming that we are on the right track in our philosophy of how we want to build one of Sweden’s best IT consulting companies”, says Lina Ullman.

To receive this year’s Young CEO of the Year award, you must be under 30, or fill 30 years of the year the award is awarded.

The assessment is made on the basis of the following criteria:

Leadership –
The award winner has the ability to lead people and through his/her leadership has made people grow.

Sustainability –
The award winner takes active responsibility for how the company impacts society, from both an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Profitability –
The award winner has been able to demonstrate good profitability over time in the business for which he / she is CEO.

Juryn består av

  • Azita Shariati – Vd Sodexo,
  • Charlotte Bohman – Arbetande ordförande Hand in Hand
  • Elise Andström, Managing Partner, Boyden
  • GunillaHerlitz – Vd Miltton Labs
  • Meg Tivéus – Styrelseproffs
  • Per Winblad -Chefredaktör
  • Staffan Hansén – Vd SPP
  • Stefan Granqvist – Vd,Interim Search
  • Tony Grimaldi – Vd för Cycleurope AB & vice vd Grimaldi industri

The winner will be announced at the CEO gala which will be held at Hotel at Six in Stockholm on November 6.

Business | Lina Ullman is a finalist for the Young CEO of the Year award 2019

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