“Light Weight” 16/9–4/10 2017

By on September 8, 2017

NEW EXHIBITION: International Collection Exhibition “Light weight” 16/9-4/10 2017

Vernissage September 16 at 12 – 16.

The autumn’s “Light Weight” is an exhibition focusing on the material of paper with a total of five artists from different countries: Cecilia Levy, Sweden; Michihiro Sato, Japan; Jimin Kim, Korea; Janna Syvänoja, Finland and Valérie Buess, Switzerland.

The artists work differently in the material paper. Cecilia Levy uses books from the last century. The book pages are recreated to new items. The story lives on, but in another form. Michihiro Sato, educated in Norway, makes exquisite jewelry in paper. Jimin Kim, a trained jewelry artist, makes items based on memory images that are otherwise lost, but now visualized and interpreted. Janna Syvänoja makes delicate jewelry and other items in paper, but also in other materials. She would like to use maps, catalogs, dictionaries, etc., for their wealth of history, events, geography. Valérie Buess works 2- and 3-dimensional in paper and also with photo.


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