Light manifestation in Vällingby Centrum

By on November 14, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, Stockholm City Municipal Preschools and Vällingby Center organize a Light Manifestation for Children’s Rights. Candles that children have made at preschools are set in a beautiful light sculpture at Vällingby Torg.

The evening begins at. 18.30 when all lights are lit. Vällingby Centrum offers a fire show at. 19.00 and something hot to drink and eat.

Why November 20th?

On November 20, 1989, the UN convention about the child’s rights was adopted and in many countries the world is celebrated on November 20th as the big children’s day.

What does it says in the Children’s Convention?

The Children’s convention’s 54 articles state that all children up to 18 years have the same rights. As soon as you do something that in some way affects children, you should consider what is best for the individual child. And then it’s important to find out what the children themselves thinks and think.

Child’s best and child’s right to influence are two of the fundamental principles that pervade the entire Children’s convention. The other two basic principles are that no child is discriminated against and that every child is entitled to life and development. According to the Children’s convention, the state is ultimately responsible for ensuring that children have their rights realized. The family has the main responsibility for its children, but every state is required to support the families and facilitate them to take care of their children in the best possible way.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Vällingby