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Actors, musicians, dancers and choirs from ten different cultures and all world religions front LIFE – a new work by Jonas Dominique, Anis Moin and Gunilla Nordlund.

The work weaves together the various world religions cultures with rap, reggae, classic western, folk singing and drama in a fusion of voices and interpretation of the premiere on October 22 in St. Jacob’s Church and the performances on 24 and 25 October.

-In Our time, major social changes and global confusion we have in Vox Pacis for several years studied diversity in different artistic aspects together with artists with a background in the major world religions and lesser traditions, says Gunilla Nordlund, director and dramaturge. We want to see if we can find a new artistic expression that corresponds with and reflects a new era.

I think it is important that in a global social change find a new artistic approach that corresponds to a new consciousness.

Best on the oud
Present will be one of the world’s foremost oud players, Mousa Elias, solo dancer Virpi Pahkinen, musician Monica Dominique, actors Anna Lindholm Rosendahl and Marika Lagercrantz, opera singer Tua Aberg and folk singer Gunnel Mauritzson.

What happens on stage and in the audience when we go beyond the religious battles and in a Swedish context speaks and sings, for example, Hindi, Tibetan, Sami, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi? We believe that what is happening in the little that is on stage can also take place in the large it is, the world, says Gunilla Nordlund.

Together with soloists from Tibet, India, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Congo, Syria, Finland, Sweden, the Earth performed the show for three evenings. LIFE dedicated to Sigrid Kahle.

Direction and dramaturgy: Gunilla Nordlund
Composition: Jonas Dominique and Anis Moin
Dance and choreography: Virpi Pahkinen.och Fuji Hoffmann
80 participants in the show

The show has been produced with the support of the Arts Council, the Stockholm County Council, Study Promotion Association and in cooperation with the Centre for interreligious dialogue, the Diocese of Stockholm, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Opera.

St. Jacob’s Church is a few days a new theater and venue for world culture, reflection and musical innovation. A changing world. See more:

In Vox Pacis meet established Swedish artists such as Jonas and Monica Dominique, Virpi Pahkinen, Marika Lagercrantz, Gunnel Mauritzson, Mousa Elias with hip-hop, rapper, reggae musician, oudspelare and soloists from India, Senegal, Tunisia, Tibet, Israel and Lapland.

The actors include:
Anna Lindholm Rosendahl as Sigrid Kahle
Fuji Hoffmann as Big Bird
Gunnel Mauritzson as Globetrotter
Robin Lundberg as The vagabond
Other participants:
Joel Fungula, rap
Ismail Esskalli, reggae musicians
Anis Moin, song
Virpi Pahkinen, dance
Shipra Nandy, songs
Chokri Mensi, song
Mousa Elias, oud
Monica Dominique, piano
Marika Lagercrantz, actress
Tua Aberg, opera singer
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