Liam Gallagher on a big tour – one concert in Sweden this fall!

By on April 6, 2018

There is only one Liam Gallagher. The iconic Manchester singer has, with his unique voice and the same unique personality, colored many 90’s, 00’s and still does it today – with the solo debut “As You Were”. It’s a milestone for albums – from one of the most important artists in the past 20+ years. And on November 27th, Liam Gallagher will come to the Annexet in Stockholm! Finally!

Tickets for this extremely long-awaited concert are released today, Friday April 6 at 10 am via – and are expected to go fast!

Together with Brother Noel Gallagher, Liam formed the groundbreaking band Oasis. A band who redrew the map for how pop music from England could sound in the 90’s. The band has filled venues worldwide, hit record, sold platinum many times – and gained a cult status among the fans. Above all thanks to the music, but not least for their honest and genuine personalities, who colored everything they have created.

So even today. The front man in Oasis is now on his own. And although Oasis has been honored and loved – it’s now Liam Gallagher blossoms out as the world star he is.

The love for Liam is huge all over the world – not least in Sweden. And now we finally get the chance to experience this creative genius live – November 27 at Annexet in Stockholm. See you there!

27/11 – Annexet, Stockholm

Tickets are released today, Friday April 6th. 10 am via

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm