Let’s Make Love Great Again

By on December 6, 2017

Let’s Make Love Great Again – a manifestation for love and respect
Next year, a love manifestation will see the light of the day: Let’s Make Love Great Again. The manifestation, which is also a free festival, is expected to gather people from all over the country and will take place 11-12 August 2018 at Gärdet in Stockholm.

Let’s Make Love Great Again will be a combination of manifestation and festival, free for all and featuring live music with top performers, lectures, panel talks, art exhibitions and other cultural performances. The common denominator is the belief that love, respect and friendship are greatest of all. The aim is to contribute to a more human and loving world at a time when exclusion and polarization win land.

– The idea came to me when I heard Donald Trump’s slogan Let’s Make America Great Again during the presidential campaign. When I thought about networking and society, how we put people together, I saw the opposite – Let’s Make Love Great Again – in front of me. I registered the name directly and it was the first step towards realizing the vision of a great manifestation of love, friendship and respect. The need is greater than ever. Let’s Make Love Great Again is more than just a manifestation and festival at Gärdet, but we will start there now and take it further, says the initiator Niclas Lagerstam.

The first artist bookings will be released around late winter and early spring 2018. The whole project is built on a three-year plan and will be completed in 2020 by making an art installation somewhere in the world in the form of the world’s largest heart.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm